Credit Analytics

Providing high quality contact information, ensuring businesses contact the correct client at the correct time!

Industry scores

Providing trace functionality to the credit industry, augmented by call centre information.

Market Trend Analytics

Managing consumer credit data to ensure its integrity.


Providing additional information and analysis to enable businesses to expand their existing customer relationships.


ACB provides businesses access to superior credit information, as well as high-quality contact information – ensuring businesses contact of the correct client at the correct time!

ACB are specialists in Bespoke B2B Solutions for the following industries:
• Contact Centres • Insurance • Sales • Telecommunications • Credit Grantors

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa ACB is a fully functional, world-class, Inbound and Outbound Call Centre. ACB offers the very latest infrastructure and technology-solutions, with our Server Room housed in a Bank Grade Vault.

What you should know About Credit

Credit is simply the ability for a consumer to be able to borrow money in order to purchase a product or service.

You can get credit from a grantor (ie: a bank), to whom you will need to pay back the full amount and possible interest charges that might add up over a period of time.

There are four different types of credit, namely, revolving credit, charge card, service credit, and instalment credit.

When you get credit and pay it back on time your credit rating improves over time and allows you the opportunity to borrow more from grantors.

You have several credit scores you can check from the three top credit bureaus to see where your stand in the range. Don’t forget to heck your credit often to see where you stand!

The scoring range starts at 300 as the poorest score and goes up to 850 as excellent credit.
Specifically, bad credit ranges from 300 to 629, fair credit ranges from 630 to 689, good credit ranges
from 690 to 719, and finally, excellent credit ranges from 720 to 850.
Checking your credit score is easy and can be done monthly to see how your credit is performing.

When you use Credit Sesame to check your credit score for free it has no impact on your credit score since it is a soft credit check, not a hard credit check.

When doing a soft credit check you are only pulling your credit score to view how you are performing, not because you are applying for a loan or any other type of credit that you are hoping to get approved for.

You can do a free online credit check as many times as you like (at a cost if done more than once monthly) and it will not affect your credit standing. If you plan on applying for a loan, then you are saying that the lender can “check my credit” to see if you can be approved. This type of inquiry will affect your credit score.

Checking your credit score is easy with ACB and can be done in 90 seconds!
You can do a free credit check once a month with a basic account or get daily free credit checks with
a premium account.
You can also use our reports to determine the types of accounts you have open, your credit
utilization, and many other important metrics that you need to know in order to understand where
you stand on the credit range. This will help you determine your financial health.

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